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Amazon SEO & Listings Optimisation

If you’re selling on Amazon, being found quickly and easily is essential. We work with brands to get their products ranking high in search results. This is done with Amazon SEO techniques that get products found and noticed, improving your discoverability, traffic and sales.

Making a success of Amazon selling requires product listings to be optimised to their full potential. Each listing needs to be filled out completely and correctly in order to achieve maximum exposure for your products. Auditing, keyword research and strategy, through to delivery, testing and monitoring of technical changes all form the basis of good Amazon listings optimisation.

Amazon SEO not only helps your search visibility on Amazon but aids your web presence, especially on Google. This is because Amazon is highly regarded by search engines and so, achieves high ranking positions for tens of thousands of search terms.

Our Amazon SEO services

Marketplace Audit

We can review and improve your entire Amazon product catalogue, identifying which listings need attention and the issues that could be impeding your performance, followed by laying out a plan of improvements.

Keyword Research

Before you can optimise your listings effectively you need to understand what customers are searching for to find a product like yours. You know your product best, but it’s dangerous to assume your customers search behaviour. This requires keyword research and this is vital for effective SEO. Our team researches and analyses customer search terms to identify the most effective keywords for your product listings.

Product Listings Optimisation

Our technical team delivers all stages of Amazon SEO, from basic services covering the optimisation of listing titles, keywords and bullet points, through to more in-depth work focusing on categorisation and leaf node analysis, product descriptions and refinements.

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SIGG, the Swiss water bottle manufacturer approached us to review its Amazon content in the UK, including A+ Content and AMS advertising. And sales simply skyrocketed! Find out how here!

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